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We can take the water with us when we leave.

Some Examples Of What We Wash

Building exteriors, waste disposal areas, containers, high traffic areas and general cleaning


Shield 75 Microbe Barrier

Viruses, germs and bacteria are no match for our “SHIELD 75” microbe barrier. Perfect for entrances and high contact areas, this process will protect your staff and customers for up to 75 days.



If it needs power washed we can handle the job.
Eliminate the hassle of of maintaining a regualr cleaning schedule by letting the Envirowash team get the job done right!


Industrial spill?

Call 717-264-4890 and let EnviroWash take care of the mess safely.


Safe For The Environment

Envirowash came about because we saw the need for an environmentally responsible cleaning service. Business owners don’t have the time or resources to capture, filter and recycle the water runoff that is a natural part of the power washing process – and that’s where EnviroWash comes in. We eliminate the hassle and legal peril of keeping your fleet or facility clean and sanitary.


A new, safer power washing process


If your cleaning project needs to be environmentally friendly Envirowash is the perfect solution. We can establish fluid barriers around the area to be cleaned, and retain all of the water used in the cleaning process. When the job is done we will take the water with us, filter and recycle it, and make sure the disposal process meets all federal, state and local requirements.